• Grammar Nazi Troll

    Grammar Nazi Troll (1)

    Silly Troll is going to help you get back at the annoying people who can't let grammatical errors go. This is going to be fun.
  • hats

    hats (7)

    Hats for everyone!!!
  • league

    league (3)

    These are products designed to troll your league friends. Set the bar high on who wins and who loses. If you are confident in your skills, whatcha got to lose?
  • Poker and card games

    Poker and card games (4)

    Apparel to up your game!!! Hats, shirts, and more!
  • Significant other

    Significant other (1)

    Sometimes some friendly banter can help a relationship.... at least in theory.
  • SillyTroll.com

    SillyTroll.com (10)

    SillyTroll.com branded clothing and items.
  • snarkasm

    snarkasm (8)

    A deadly blend of snark and sarcasm. Sharing is caring.
  • taunting

    taunting (24)

    Is someone bothering you? Then SillyTroll.com wants to help you find out what bugs them, and use it to taunt them. Exploit that weakness, especially in good fun. If you need a custom solution, email us at troll@sillytroll.com. We want to help you stir the pot and meet your maximum trolldom.
  • work

    work (5)

    Bring the Silly with you to your workplace. Have something that you need to say without saying it, we got you.